Stacking device Standard

Stacking device Standard

Automatic stacking device for plates, trays and containers


The Standard Stacking Device is an automatic stacking device for plates, trays and containers for Mectray100 and Mectray200 machines. Given that, both on the Mectray 100 and on the Mectray200 it is possible to assemble molds with single or double cavity, in the same way it is possible to configure the stacking device operating mode, through the operator panel of the Mectray 100/200:

• Tandem mode: in which both elevators work in unison. In this way it is possible to manage a single stack of products even of large dimensions.
• Independent mode: the two elevators work completely independently of each other. In this way it is possible to stack different product quantities for each pile.

The quantity of stackable products depends on the thickness of the cardboard used. The maximum height of each pile indicated in the table depends on the shape and size of the product. A conveyor belt synchronized with the unloading of the products can be added to the unloading outlet of the Stacking Device.

Stacking device Standard

Technical features

Product piles no. that can be managed per stacking device:
1 o 2 configurable, independent.
Maximum height of each pile:
150 mm. (*)
Unloading pile product height:
750 ÷ 900mm
Unloading pile product overrun:
Maximum size single tray, 1 pile:
550 x 425mm
Maximum size single tray, 2 piles:
275 x 425mm

Quality policy continuously develop our products. We therefore, reserve the right to modify the information contained in this data sheet without notification.


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