Roll Case Matic II

Roll Case Matic II

Reel machine for cups production


The Roll Case Matic II machine represents the latest model among our reel machines for cups production. With this machine, Calvi has made possible the cohesion between two great qualities: the ten-year experience of our molds with the precision and power of the new brushless motors (Siemens). This machine is made up of completely mechanical movements in all its systems from movements to forming, from unwinding to the die-cutting feeding step, and the precision is given by an electronic control system that can be manageable at any time by means of a PLC-HMI incorporated in the control panel. The machine is at competitive levels also for the production aspect, just think that the production speed reaches 60 strokes per minute and being both its structure predisposed for 30 reels and the working planes for 5 molds makes the calculation fast that this machine produces 540,000 pieces per hour.

Roll Case Matic II

Technical features

By multiple reel on expandable shaft
Feeding unit
By draw roll controlled electronically by inverter Siemens
Movable plane
Double, controlled by brushless motor
Feeding step
By draw roll controlled by brushless motor
Electronic control
By PLC of all working process and every control of single resistance
Stroke for minute
60, depending on size of baking cases, grammage of material and number of reels
n° die x strokes/min x n° reels
Moulds application
(male/female) fitted on independent plates. Possibility to dispose the forming-moulds at 30° in order to reduce the waste
Max dimension of the cutter
mm 400 x 400
Applicable example
n° 5 cutter Ø80
Reel stand
Up to 30 (depending grammage of material)
Max diameter of the reels
mm 650
Electric consumption
Kw 15, heating Kw 1 each forming-mould
Dimension of machine (without reel-stand)
cm 340 x 150 x 220 h
Length of machine (with 27 reel-stand)
cm 1300
Weight machine (without reel-stand)
Kg 3400

Quality policy continuously develop our products. We therefore, reserve the right to modify the information contained in this data sheet without notification.


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