Wrap Matic


Automatic machine by blank for the production of Tulip Cups  with a special mould construction which ensures the height and the 4 petals same shape of the final product.

Hydraulic plane male holders driving through 2 cylinders, 250 mm stoke, with 28 mm rod. Hydraulic unit, engine 3AC 400V 3kw, 75 liters tank, provided with actuating valves, safety valves, pressure gauge, radiator for the heat dissipation, 2 storage vessels of 2.5 liters and everything which is needed to ensure the required speed. Pressing power at 40 bar oil will be of 1 ton.

Independent temperature control system for each mould (1 kw each).  
Manual loading blank system with the possibility to place a pre-alarm system for blank lack (Optional). Blank collecting from the loader by suction cup system, which release the sheet inside the mould. The suction system can be equipped  with vacuum pump for the control of  blank non-levy (Optional).

Suction system for the product extracting from the mould which then for falling  from the male, will be conveyed in a pipe provided with Venturi, will perform the stacking function. The product counting may be executed in a virtual way (machine cycles counting) or by equipping each stacking pipe of photocell (Optional).

The product will be stacked on a half pipe slightly tilted, the product discharge will be carried out by hand. Alternatively the system can be equipped for the discharged product piles, of an automatic counting and discharging  system with conveyor belt ( 0.37 kw).

The machine control is by Siemens PLC  with operator interface via 4'' touch screen.

Production: Foreseen speed: 30 stokes / minute = 120 pcs/min. = 7200 pcs/h.

Technical features
Movement Hydraulic
Press Pressure TONN 1,5
Male stroke holders moving plane mm 250
Max blank size mm 170 x 170
Oil Pump Motor 3.5 Kw
Control PLC
Feeding By blanks
Greasing Automatic
Dimension cm 180 x 108 x 160 h