IL 14 SG

Automatic reel-fed die-cutting machines

The "IL" automatic die cutting machines are reel-fed mechanic pressed used to die-cut cardboard, paper and similar materials. The basic model (press) is available in two formats with four guide bars and one with two guide bars and they can be equipped with modular elements. These are, for example, register units, stripping and stacking units on pallet or conveyor belt, one or two colors flexo printing units, multiple reels laminating units.

Thanks to a special feeding system (patented) the machines can be equipped to die-cut multiple reels of thin paper (from 60 gr/m² onwards) with final stripping and stacking.

The model IL 12 G, a mechanic machine with two guide bars, can be equipped with an open movable die cutting plane, used to house multiple cutting dies. This system is particularly suitable for small shapes (such as small discs or plates) from cardboard or similar materials. This model also guarantees automatic stripping and stacking operations.

Mechanic pressing machine with 4 guide bars
Working plane dimension mm 720 x 1150
Run of pressing plane mm 65
Max. opening between planes mm 150 adjustable
Main motor HP 5,5
Pressing power TONN. 55
Stroke for minute 60 max
Die cut forwarding step mm 820 max
Max reel diameter mm 1500