Mectray 200

Automatic machine for the production of paper plates, trays and thermoformed container

Innovative joint mechanic movement by brushless motor , in combination with multiplier power levers has the following advantages:
  • High power
  • High speed
  • Reduced electric consumption
Workable materials:
  • Any kind of 200 to 3000 grm2 cardboard liner
  • Alluminated cardboard
  • PE-PP-PO-PET Laminated cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Feeding by blanks
  • Large working table dimensions
  • Great power pressure
  • Fast forming dies change
  • Automatic stacking and counting of product
  • Electro-pneumatic stacker and counting device
  • Blanks retained (guided) feeding device (for particular or asymmetric blanks).
Electronic controls: Independent adjustment of working table’s temperature and relevant visualization (P.I.D: system). Possibility to modify working parameters directly on PLC keyboard which control all machine functions. PLC is supplied with an expansion that allows a direct connection by cable between the customer and our technical office for any intervention of modification request. This service offers on real time the possibility to control anywhere the machine while running.
Production: Proportionate to the type of working, size, weight and quality of material used and the time required for an optimal pressing time. Simultaneous movement of the plans that unlike machines with alternating movement allows to double the production.
With simultaneous planes movement big progress compared to previous bouble effect machine with alternating movement
Movement Completely mechanic
Stroke for minute max 70 for side (mechanic speed)
Pressure power TONN 50
Run of pressing plane mm 110
Working plane dimension mm 455 x 605
Main motor 50Nm Brushless motor
Electric supply Kw 21
Electronic control by PLC
Feeding Automatic by blanks
Lubrication Automatic
Machine dimensions cm 360 x 180 x 180 h
Weight Kg 2500