Eco Rapid Mini

Automatic  single effect machine for the production of plates, trays, containers.

The machine ECO RAPID MINI is one of the first mechanical presses, but if the steel structures were those that have always characterized the strength and endurance of the machines Calvi, the components within them are the latest in technology and reliability. The production speed is entrusted to 'high yield of new systems of PLC, connected to a control panel is easy to use.

The characteristics of the Eco Rapid Mini are the following:
  • Feeding supply from blank
  • High production rate
  • Three independent heating zones
  • Quick size change
Materials used:
  • Cardboard of any kind from 200 to 3000 g / m
  • Cardboard coupled to aluminum
  • Cardboard coupled to film PE-PP-PO-PET
  • Microwave cardboard or corrugated
  • Stacking device.
  • Guided feeding device for blank (for asymmetrical blanks ).
Movable plane Mechanic movement
Stroke for minut max 50 (mechanical speed)
Pressure power TONN 20
Pressing run mm 100
Workable plane dimensions mm 300 x 360
Main motor HP 1
Electronic control by PLC
Feeding Automatic
Lubrication Automatic
Machine dimensions cm 180 x 175 x 170 h
Weight Kg 900